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What is our fundraising program?


Simply put:  we offer the best bang for your buck.  Your organization sells 16 ounce bags of coffee for as low as $12 per bag.  For every bag of coffee sold your organization keeps $5.  It's honestly as simple as that.  Where else can you find a fundraiser that pays out nearly 50%

How does it work?


We meet with a representative from your organization to thoroughly explain our fundraising program.  Specifically we explain how the brochure is to be filled out to ensure proper ordering and delivery.  We can have your order ready for pick-up or delivery approximately two weeks after your order is submitted.

Customized bags


We offer several different options in the event that you would like customized bags.  We are able to get pre-printed bags or labels to showcase your organization.  The cost depends on which option you choose, but we are more than happy to assist you with this process.



Contact us for more information:

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